Monday, 27 February 2012

You Can Get More Time For Your Family

It is no secret that we all want to achieve more, or make more money, and yet get more time to spend with the loved ones or things we cherish. Sometimes the workload, deadlines and unexpected business emergencies deny us the most valuable commodity-time. It does not have to be that way. Some people have unearthed small things that they do that give them more time. There are tricks you can use to get more out of an ordinary day. Here are three productivity tips self-employed mobile marketer, Mary Wilhite uses:

1. Start the day with a bang by breaking the seal of hesitation.

Inertia is one of the biggest productivity killers. It's common to take a few minutes in bed after the alarm goes off; or to drag ourselves before we get started on the most important tasks. If you start the day this way, the drag goes on throughout the day. The best way to handle it is to jump out of bed, and move to your most important task of the day. In this respect, it would be inappropriate to avoid starting to read emails in the morning or logging in to Facebook to see what's going on.

I would expect if you are a mobile marketer like me, to use the first one hour in the morning to market yourself; perhaps by writing a good article about your niche or reviewing and tweaking your marketing strategies. If you are a student, you can start by doing your assignments or studying the subject you find hardest. Only after that can you move to other tasks or pleasures.

I have also noticed that one of the reasons for inertia is because of the enormity of the tasks at hand. To reduce inertia, change your mindset and realize that a big project can be finished by attacking it one piece at a time. To write 400-page book, all you need to do is write 2 pages a day. Within 200 days, you first draft will be ready. If you look at all the scary and big projects this way, you will eliminate procrastination and swiftly move into action.

2. Develop a routine.

Having a routine greatly improves the pace and direction of your work. A routine means having a specified time you wake, a schedule of activities that remain largely unchanged. If you use a routine for 30 days or more, it becomes part of you.

A routine is greatly enhanced by meticulous planning. Setting of goals and reviewing them daily. Productivity experts suggest that everyday should be planned the day before and put in writing. That means that tonight before going to bed, take a piece of paper and write the exact things you will do tomorrow. It helps you avoid distractions and when you review the day's goals at the end of the day, you may realize you spent 2 hours on Facebook rather than the intended 45 minutes. The following day you can improve and be strict about the schedule.

You see, we live in a life where they are too many thing crying for attention. Perhaps you should take advice of the late Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs who said, 'Say NO to 1000 things'.

3. Make saying 'No', central in your life.

Focus is central to success in any endeavor of life. Distractions are, on the other hand, tailored to do just one thing - bring you undone. To remain focused, you need ban from your life people and activities that are not pushing forward.

You may need to say no to having to phone someone only during certain hours. You may need to say no to invitations that are not beneficial to your advancement. You may need to take the painful but necessary act of saying no to certain people. Perhaps people who have been with you for years. 

Maybe you may need to take the advice from John D. Rockefeller, the first billionaire to grace the face of the earth in recorded history who said: 'Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great'.

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