Saturday, 25 February 2012

Some Useful Steps for Managing Anger

Maintaining a calm attitude to life and those around you is an important factor in your voyage of personal development.  Dion Daly is an expert on this subject and has this to say about managing anger.  It takes courage, but it can be done.

Every time that you lose your temper, you are in real danger of destroying relationships and close ties with the individuals that you care about. Nasty words yelled, or objects thrown in anger can frequently be tremendously hurtful to your loved ones.

Also it can be challenging for them to comprehend precisely what went amiss to cause the reaction. Then after a while they will just stop trying to understand you and finally it will get more and more testing for them to forgive and forget. So managing anger is absolutely essential, not just for you, but for all the people who you come into contact with.

The emotion of anger is your body's reaction to a thought, which probably has been activated by an outside state. And this state is viewed through the vision of your own understanding. Your vision is tinted by the mental ideas distinctive to you; ideas like right and wrong; like and dislike, goodness and evil. You need to keep in mind that each of us has a different vision of things, therefore interpretation clashes are unavoidable.

The first vital step on the road to managing anger is to realise that you have an anger problem. Once you realise this you will be well on the way to dealing with it.

If you think back to any situations which made you very angry in the past, you will probably realise that your lack of control, in fact, made the whole problem a lot worse, and not better. But the good thing is, this is a significant realisation for you to make because when you recognise that you have a problem you will then know that you need to do something about it. 

If you begin to feel yourself starting to get angry what you need to do is to just take time out to stop, think about the situation and try to figure out just why you are getting angry.

Very often the real source of the anger has nothing to do with the current situation, and pen-up frustrations from work can overflow into your home life causing unhappiness and distress for your loved ones and which they have no power over.

As soon as you find out what is really producing the anger, the next vital step in managing anger is to do something about it. This is the bit where you possibly will need to bite the bullet and connect with the cause of your anger. 

It may well be that a person at work does something which continually makes you mad. So by talking about it with the person that annoys you the problem can be altered successfully. The thing is the person that annoys you probably does not even know that they are doing it.

So just by talking over your problem you can essentially eliminate the cause of your anger and live a much more harmonious life with your work colleagues, family and friends.

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