Thursday, 9 February 2012

How Your Mind Creates Your Destiny

Rhodri Jones says that the reason the mind is so important to creating a better life for us is all down to energy.  Everything within our universe is energy and every thought we have is a form of energy and emits a vibration or frequency.

Thoughts that are negative in nature give off a low energy vibration. Thoughts that are positive in nature give off a high energy vibration.

When you consider all this within the context of the universal Law of Attraction, where like energy attracts like energy, can you begin to see why and how the mind is so important in determining what type of life you can create for yourself?

We live in an attraction based universe.  So every thought that we have, either of high energy or low energy is emitted out into the universe, and unfailingly finds its vibrational match which then is attracted back into our life. This match can come in the form of something or someone, which dependent on the vibrational frequency will either enhance or inhibit your life.

Basically, when it comes to it, your mind is one vast and limitless source of power and energy.  It's without doubt the most powerful tool within the whole universe. So there is no time like now to finally unleash the amazing power of the human mind, not only to change the course of your life but to finally say goodbye to your fears and anxieties of the future.

Your mind really does possess the power to transform your life and create an exciting new destiny for you.

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