Saturday, 4 February 2012

Talking to yourself ...

Kevin J John maintains that your self talk (that's the conversation you carry on with yourself almost continually) is a vital component of your mental state. If your self talk is predominantly negative - "I can't do...", "I'm unhappy" - you will be unhappy and have low motivation and low self esteem.

If your self talk is mainly positive, the opposite will be true. You can use mental self help to change your self talk from positive to negative...

You actually talk to yourself a lot. It has been estimated that up to 1500 words a minute pass through your mind expressing an enormous number of thoughts that shape your view of the world, determine your mental state and are just sometimes part of your thinking process!

Much of your self talk is the result of thoughts coming from your subconscious mind and is a result of your past conditioning, your memories and other factors that affect your subconscious thought processes. It feels as if much of your self talk is out of your conscious control. Yet your self talk exerts a tremendous influence on your conscious mind and the results that you are able to achieve in life.

The good news is that psychological studies have shown that, with a little persistence, you can make your self talk more positive. When you do this you will benefit from a more positive mental attitude. If you talk to yourself about the way that you want your life to be, the chances are greatly increased that it will turn out that way.

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