Thursday, 16 February 2012

It Is Possible

Etuk Anietie is the CEO of CoreHead Business Solutions Ltd, Port Harcourt, Nigeria; and this is his story:

“Life will always play with you according to how you interpret the game of life. Only what you believe is possible will be possible. In essence all that you have, all that you have achieved up to this point, is a physical manifestation of what you have believed up to this point is possible. Anything you believe is possible, you will have; anything you believe is not possible, you will not have.

“STEP ONE: Have a Goal

“By May 2010, I had nothing attached to my name; I lived a "normal" life like every other person. Then on May 10 2010, I said it is possible for me to write a book. The first message that came through my mind was, remember you failed in SSCE English exam, how could you possibly write a book. But I told myself, "It's possible". And I kept doing this as I wrote each page of the book, until one day the book was completed and the voice stopped coming back. Before May 10 2011, I finished the book. It's Possible.

“STEP TWO: Work on your Goal

“The publisher told me that I needed N200,000 to publish the book. My mind said, you don't have that amount, but I kept using the "It's possible" formula. Through friends and family I raised more than N125,000, I did some bits of jobs here and there and I was able to raise N50,000. With this, the book was published by August 2011. It's Possible.

“STEP THREE: Always have another Goal to work on.

“Now I am on a new target. I told myself I will sell 1,000 copies in 10 months without using bookshops. This is the last week of October 2011, and I have sold close to 400 copies. How? It is possible.

“In all this did I not face challenges? I did! But you know what, the challenges only made me stronger; they gave me good reasons to want to continue. They answered the questions, "why it will not work", which indirectly meant that I have "other" options that might work that I have not looked at yet.

“You may not have all the answers, you may not know all the formulas, but inside you, you certainly have what it takes to make it. Take anything you believe in, anything you desire to have, and just believe it is possible. Life itself will tell you what to do next. But it must first start with you. It is Possible”.

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