Saturday, 11 February 2012

If Tomorrow Came Today

How would you handle the immediate rush of dealing with tomorrow's schedule, today? We all tell ourselves we will do that tomorrow. By some strange twist tomorrow came sooner than you expected. So now everything you put off doing you can now finish. What are some of those tasks? Are they tasks you were really planning on completing tomorrow? Or was tomorrow a convenient excuse to procrastinate another assignment you did not want to complete? Dedication to personal growth requires some difficult examinations. 

Many times we put off issues we don't want to deal with. Pretty soon those "tomorrows" become meaningless. Sometimes people will take our tomorrows to mean, "I am not going to do it." Left undone, our words are perceived as empty and shallow which is not our intention. Those who depend on us, those we care for and who love us need our actions to match our words. They need to receive positive consistency and we need to give it.

Think about what you have told yourself or others you plan to do tomorrow. Does this list contain items you will actually complete or does it contain a group of well-intended wishes? Remember, this is our year and our time. We deserve to be honest with ourselves. Please do not attempt to fool yourself by saying you will do it tomorrow when in fact you know that won't. A series of well-intended tomorrows defeats our efforts towards improvement. When we do not complete our tomorrows in a timely fashion we feel guilty.

Self-imposed guilt leads to personal disappointment and a sense of disappointment from others. Your desire is to create environments and opportunities were you can and will fulfill your goals of improvement and personal growth.

A more constructive approach for you is to give a specific statement as to what you plan to do tomorrow. For example, tomorrow I am going to clear out one of the boxes in my garage or closet. Notice you didn't say whether it was the small box or the big box. In either case this is something manageable you will do. You may become so motivated you decide to clean out the entire garage or closet. Congratulations! What you've done is created an opportunity for you to keep your word to yourself as well as a chance to exceed your expectations.

You are changing every day for the better. You are reflecting on lessons learned. You are taking note-worthy action. So, today further your accomplishments by making sure your words and actions are true reflections of each other. You have come so far on your journey towards improvement. 

Old habits, negative responses and non-action are slowly fading away. So as you continue throughout this day, remember you are completing tasks, interacting with others, and growing as if tomorrow came today. - Jacquinita A Rose

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