Sunday, 26 February 2012

Positive Attitude Is The Key To Success: Myth Or Reality

If you were told that the reason why you aren't more successful is just that your attitude isn't positive enough you'd probably think they are oversimplifying.

However, there is a popular school of professional coaching based around the concept of positive attitude and positive affirmations to achieve professional and personal success. How much truth is there in that kind of teaching?
Positive People Get Promoted

It's not easy to deny the fact that people who are successful are often positive and sure of themselves. The reasons for this are two-fold: Nobody likes working with a naysayer that darkens the day with its sole, negative presence, and managers often notice (and promote) people who aren't scared to blow their own trumpet and seem genuinely happy to be working for your company.

In other areas of life being positive also has natural advantages: Who would you prefer as a romantic interest, somebody who is happy to be there and sure of himself or herself, or somebody who is trying to hide in a corner and grumbles about everything? Being positive, without a doubt, has its advantages.

But You Need To Work For It Too

However, smiling and being sure of yourself won't get you anywhere without hard work and dedication, and any lifestyle guru or professional coach that forgets to talk about the effort required to actually make changes on your life is not going to be very helpful.

Working 10 hours a day is of course much easier if you genuinely enjoy your job and know the rewards that will come from all that work, but you'll still need to do your best. Of course, being positive about your skills and your life goes a long way towards motivating you to do your best, but there's no reward without work.

There's No Easy and Quick Way to Success...

But being positive sure helps. While positive attitude is almost a must have for success, it doesn't mean that the moment you start smiling more you'll suddenly will get promoted. 

Anybody promising you quick and easy ways to getting rich (or married, or promoted) is actually trying to sell you the myth of positive thinking, without any regards for your success. - Irene Lizarraga

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  1. Yes it's interesting because a positive mental attitude has become so cliched now it often gets overlooked. However, it can work miracles in your life and actually get you motivated to take the action necessary to make changes.

    I'm a big tennis fan and you often hear Rafael Nadal talking about P.M.A. He actually mentions it so much that it gets a little boring but there's no better example of what it can do for your life. He's down in a match but remains positive (something so many players find hard to do) and eventually ends up turning it round and winning. He's done this so many times it's almost an art form.

    His secret? (Just listen to one of his interviews) ALWAYS REMAINING POSITIVE!!

    Joe Barnes
    Author of Screw the System - Availbale on Amazon Kindle