Sunday, 12 February 2012

Good Reasons Why Goal Setting Helps You Get What You Want In Life

Why set goals for yourself? This is a simple question the answer is powerful and life changing for you. If you start setting goals your life as you know it can change forever for the good.
Sunny James puts it very simply when she says: “Imagine going to the grocery store to get groceries for your house hold for the next 2 weeks. Now you did not take note of what you needed before hand or take time to write out a detailed list of what you need for your family before you went to the store. You just jumped into your car and drove over to the grocery store and grabbed a cart and started shopping.

“Once in the store you walk up and down each isles and aimlessly looking around hoping that seeing different items on the selves will peak your mind to think of things you might or might not need.

“Then in the end you go home with what you bought and end up frustrated when you realize that as you were trying to make dinner for your family you were out of bread and butter. There was not enough milk to make the mashed potatoes. You were out of your favourite salad dressing and one of your children tells you that there is no toilet paper.

“You could have saved yourself so much time and energy and frustration if you would have taken the time to get organized and take note of what you were out of in the household and made a detailed list.

“Do you see where I am going with this?

“Here are three good reasons why goal setting helps you get what you want out of life:
  • Without setting goals your life will be a lot like this grocery shopping experience; very unorganized and frustrating and you have no idea what you want or need in life. You just let your life get caught up in the flow of everything around you and whatever happens in your life happens by chance whether it is what you want for yourself or not. This can lead you to feel angry, disappointed and even depressed.
  • Setting goals help you achieve the desired results in your life on a daily, monthly and yearly basis and far into the future. When you start paying attention and taking note of where you are and what you desire for yourself in the areas of your health, relationships, finances, and so on, then you are more likely to reach them. 
  •  Setting goals will help to keep you organized and give you a clear vision of where you are going in life. This keeps you on track so you do not get lost along the way and helps keep you focused on the end result”.
I hope you can now see why setting goals is such an important part of getting what you want out of life.

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