Friday, 24 February 2012

Law of Attraction - Receiving and Giving

I’ve just read these few words by Anna Marie Lee and what she has to say makes a lot of sense to me.  See what you think.

We so often believe that we must get before we can give. This stagnates us because the first law of the universe is complete giving. It follows that when we tune into the law of receiving we come to the understanding that we must first give before we can receive.

The universe is overflowing with absolute abundance, but to tap into that abundance and have it flowing towards us, we must first enter the flow by contributing our own part.

The Law of Giving

The Law of Receiving should really be called the Law of Giving. The Bible says "Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over." When we give the universe immediately responds to us because we enter the flow of the law of life.

So often we believe that we have to have it all figured out, we have to have a big number in the bank account before we can participate in the Law of Giving. But this is completely opposite from the truth. Because giving is the first law of the universe, if we focus on getting, we flow in opposition to that law, and we congest our own growth toward the good.

Everyone has something to give all the time. There is something special in each one of us that is unique to each individual that can be given to the universal pool of goodness. We can give our time, our talent, our love, our loyalty, our service, our knowledge, our thoughts to others every day.

So often we concentrate on receiving, money in particular. Raymond Holliwell said, "When we give our best in some useful service, forgetful of self, concentrating on the joy of giving instead of concentrating on the returns, we find that our purpose and the purpose of money have blended and we come together in righteous and eternal good."


Tithing is the law of a tenth-giving 10% of your income to some good service to others. Scientists say that giving in a systematic way gives the tither confidence in his own ability to give and receive. It surely gives the tither additional confidence, but the truth of the matter is that whoever gives in a systematic way is tapping into the primary law of the universe.

However, if the giver gives in order to receive, it is not true giving, and the flow of life cannot come toward him. We must give with the attitude that we are giving the universe our share in the ever flowing abundance of life. 

Without that attitude we are out of alignment with the flow of the Law of Receiving.

It's Not Only About the Money

While the Law of Receiving is true for money, it is true for everything else as well. People are lonely, poor and depressed because they do not give and do not tap into the Law of Receiving. Even if we only have a few dollars, we still have a few cents to give. But even without money, we always have something special inside of us that is ready to be shared with others: our love, understanding, appreciation, energy, and the power of our positive thoughts toward others all the time.

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