Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Value of Gratitude

Gratitude is so much more valuable and so much more vital in the creation of our lives than many of us have given it credit for. It extends far beyond a simple giving of thanks but is an energy, a way of being that causes everything in our life to shift.

When we express the words "thank you" for even the smallest effort on another person's part it causes the heart to open, not just for the recipient of our words, but for ourselves as well. When our heart is open we become open to receiving more of what we desire. When we live in the energy of gratitude it causes the universe to open up and provide us with our highest and greatest good.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful energies in the universe. It has the ability to break through any barriers caused by fear and feelings of scarcity. It has the ability to melt away any anger and resentment. It has the ability to transform worry into hope. It has the ability to bring us everything we desire as it opens the floodgates of the universe on our behalf. The magical power of gratitude has the ability to change the world, not just for ourselves but for humanity as a whole.

Gratitude opens a gateway for the universe to shower us with an abundance of all things we desire. When our minds are focused on fear and scarcity we create a barrier to our divine abundance. When we are able to hold our minds and hearts in gratitude for our present circumstances we then open a way for us to receive more of what we desire. The love in our heart melts away the barrier that is created by fear and in that feeling of gratitude the universe is able to openly and freely give us what we ask for. Many of us have difficulty finding gratitude in our circumstances and in effect halt our own evolution and unlimited potential. When we allow ourselves to look for the good in all things more good comes to us.

How do you access gratitude when there is so much pain, fear and feeling of lack? It is quite simple actually - begin with the small things. Each grateful thought will lead to another and another until you begin to realize how truly abundant you are. When you embody gratitude and feel it deep within your center then everything in your life must shift to align with that feeling of abundance. From that place of appreciation you will begin to feel a shift within you. Then you will begin to see the infinite possibilities of life and the infinite abundance of the universe. 

From that energetic shift you become a magnet for receiving more good.

Author: Victoria M. Reynolds


  1. I'm working on abundance in my life right now, and I forget about gratitude. thank you for relate these two things in an easy way.
    I appreciate your work.