Monday, 12 March 2012

Conquer The Negatives And Make Room For Positive Living!

If you are struggling to generate the gumption to move forward because of negative baggage, it is time to take positive action.

You may be dragging around feelings from a disappointment, a failure, or a negative image from the past which is getting in your way. If that is the case, recognize it, deal with it constructively, and decide to make a positive change in your thinking.

Now, what we are talking about here is what many people refer to as being in a rut, lacking motivation, feeling stuck, or focusing on negative emotions. A circumstance that is usually, more or less, a short term occurrence. If, however, you are dealing with a concern that goes much deeper than this, do not hesitate to take healthy action and ask for help from a qualified source.

Negative feelings and images that fester and are constantly revisited can markedly stall attempts to begin fresh and move forward. Both negative and positive self-images are very powerful, and attempting to live with both simultaneously is a clash of brain power that simply does not work. Think of it as one cancelling out the other.

Unless you decide to take control, negative thinking and images have a way of continually bombarding your outlook toward a downward spiral. Such thoughts just seem to feed on themselves, resulting in behavior that only supports being stuck in your tracks.

A conscious choice to release negative thoughts and images must be made in order to allow for new and positive experiences to occur. Doing this gives you the power to let go of limiting beliefs and to change your perspective. It usually requires you to step outside your comfort zone - but that is where most success really takes hold.

In summary, if you find that your thoughts and actions are holding you back from gaining positive traction, then it is time to make a change. Embrace the concept that the more your thoughts are focused on the positive, the less room there is for the negatives to creep in and take hold.

Author: David Schaefer

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