Friday, 9 March 2012

Personal Growth Is A Choice

Personal growth has everything to do with your business. It has everything to do with your life. To have excitement and passion about what you do and your life you must embrace personal growth.

Personal Growth: The One Key Principle

Whether you are a self-employed business owner, entrepreneur, solo professional or an individual seeking more opportunity for success there is one principle you must understand.

Seldom will your business and life exceed the size of your thinking. Do you want more income? Then you must change and expand your thinking to have more opportunities for income available. Do you want a better family life? Change your thinking and place greater value on your family and more opportunities for a better family life will come your way.

Personal Growth: What Holds You Back?

Novelist Leo Tolstoy said, "Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." The ironic thing is that change is inevitable. The oldest man in the world died in Montana a few weeks ago at the age of 114. He was lucid up until his last few months. He was interviewed in 2010 about his thoughts on living a long life. His first answer to living a long life was to embrace change.

So everyone has to deal with change. That's a given. On the other hand, personal growth is optional. When you choose to grow it is much easier to accept change and to subsequently move forward.

In coaching success I can assure you the people who are unwilling to grow will never reach their potential. What holds most people back? It is not circumstances or things. It's their unwillingness to embrace personal growth. And this unwillingness to embrace personal growth is one of the most important killers of small business success and small business growth.

Personal Growth: The Difference Between Successful And Unsuccessful People

Most people don't realize that successful and unsuccessful people to not differ substantially in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential. And there is nothing more effective when it comes to reaching potential than commitment to personal growth.

Ask yourself this question. In what specific ways have you changed lately to reach your potential? In my personal business coaching practice the clients who embrace personal growth and the change that comes with it are the most successful and more satisfied.

Interestingly, the most successful people, very often, are not the ones that started with the best circumstances, funding, start-up business plan or marketing business plan. They started with one thing. They were open to personal growth and change.

Embrace personal growth. Welcome the change. You will change from within and as a result your outer world will change. When you change more opportunity will come your way. There are many keys to success. A commitment to personal growth is one of the most important.
Author – Steve Scott

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