Monday, 26 March 2012

Getting The Life You Want

An important aspect of our personal development is the ability to provide ourselves the life we want to have.  To do that always costs money and we all have to start somewhere.  

 I recently came across this following article by Samuel Castro which is definitely food for thought.   These are his "secrets" to making money online working from home:

“Back in 2000, when I first embarked on the journey to making a living online by working from home, the words of the great teacher Gandhi kept ringing in my head "Its not the destination that matters, but the journey." I believed that in the destination, lies a vast fortune, but I clearly believed that along the way, there were many hidden treasures.

“It was barely a matter of months that I started seeing the treasures along the way. I realized that I could make good money while still trying to figure out what business I would do full time online.

“One of the major benefits in using the internet to try to make a living is the amount of learning that you have to do. Initially, you might not see the sense, but the many things that you will learn along the way, are essentially opportunities that will eventually be utilized. As I learnt web design and the various hosting companies, I started helping out individuals interested in putting up their websites. One company paid me a thousand dollars to convert their offline brochure into a website. I got about five thousand dollars reselling web space as an affiliate of a hosting company the first year. Money that I continue to earn and has increased tremendously year after year.

“Having passed the first hurdles of creating websites and having them hosted, I was ready to go into stage two of marketing the websites. This is where the real challenges and the most opportunities lay. From researching on keywords to writing and submitting of articles and eventually online advertising, working online has become for me a fulltime job. I have written many articles on how the above topics can earn you money, so I wouldn't be fair repeating the same here. However, I can summarize that you wouldn't be getting money directly for the articles (though there are a few blogs that pay you for this) but you gain publicity and are viewed as an expert in your niche and these lead to a high level of traffic to your website resulting eventually in increased sales and increased income.-Therein lies the secrets to making money online.

“In conclusion, I can say that the main secret to making money online is continuous learning online and using this information to helping others succeed. I will live you with a quote from Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. former chairman of the board of IBM Corporation "The killer application will not be a shrink wrapped program that sells in millions. The killer application will be a website that touches millions of people and helps them to do what they want to do"

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