Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Key To Being Happy Is To Flip Your Thoughts

The key to success and being happy is to learn how to flip your thoughts. This sounds interesting right? Well it can be incredibly effective in many aspects of our lives. Many of us start something with full enthusiasm for it, but soon lose that enthusiasm and begin thinking negatively. One of the most negative things that we think is "I can't do it", when the truth of the matter is that we can, especially if we put our minds to it.
I have learnt that if I flip my thoughts then the negative ones I originally had can become positive ones. If I can do this, then so can you. It is hard work, but once you learn how to successfully do it then the reward is well worth it. Yes it can be tiring and even painful, but take your time and focus on the benefits, which in this case is being happy.

You will need to think of your goal (happiness and what stands in the way of it). Take the negative thoughts that are making you unhappy and find a way to flip them into positive ones. Don't focus on the difficulties of it. Instead focus on the benefits of it. If you are focusing on things you can't do or can't achieve then focus on what you can do, and what you need to do to achieve being happy.

Before you can achieve happiness and flip your thoughts regarding something, you will need to learn how to become aware of your thoughts. Unfortunately many of us think negatively without realizing we are actually doing it. Start off by monitoring the things that you think, this will make you more aware of the negative thoughts you have, now tell yourself to stop. Spend the first day or two allowing yourself to be aware of your thoughts and then try to flip the negative ones you have. This takes time, and after some practice you will get good at it. It won't take too long before you start achieving your goal of being happy. So let's take a detailed look at how to apply it.

Unfortunately it is the negative thoughts that we have that spoil our happiness, and make us feel down.

There may be a number of different things that pass though our thoughts each day that make us unhappy, so therefore you need to become aware of them and then flip them. For example, you feel like a failure as you haven't got to the place you wanted in life. Now flip those thoughts and think how much you have achieved and what you have to be grateful for, this could be your family, friends, health or even materialistic things. Think to yourself that although you're not at the place you want to be right now, that you are taking positive action and are going to reach your goal of being happy soon.

Try it for yourself and you will see that positive thoughts really do work.
Author: Jonathan Lee Jenkins

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