Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Living the Dream: Bring Life to Your Goals

Where do you keep your goals? Are they under your mattress? Do you secretly look at them when no one is watching? Or do you let them fly like a bird that comes in and out freely when the window is open? Do your goals and dreams have room to breathe?

Let's say that you want to go to Italy. You have never been to Italy, or Europe, for that matter, but you really want to go.

Have you told anyone about your desire to go to Italy? Have you done anything about it?

What makes a goal come to fruition is your breathing life into it. Here are a few ideas to turn your goals into reality:
  • Do something every day to move toward living your goals. If you want a new car, going to the dealership and bringing home a glossy brochure that you can look at every day would be an example. Take action!
  • Share your goals with someone. Brainstorm how you can make yours come true. Invite someone to hold your goals with you to remind you what you want. Discuss strategies for accomplishing your goals.
  • Find a role model. Select someone who has what you want, or is able to do what you want to do. Deliberately emulate that person.
  • Think about your goal every day. Organize your self-talk to consider the achievement of your goal positively. Energize this with your mind, mental images, and the words you tell yourself. Live the achievement of your dream consciously every day.
  • Give yourself time. If you are highly ambitious and willing to focus singularly on your goals, more power to you. You may be able to travel at the speed of light. In addition, give yourself time for certain big dreams and goals to come to life. Know that by taking consistent action, you can close the distance between your current reality and living your dreams. Allow them to come to fruition over time.
Others are living their dreams. Why not you?

Author: Rosie Bank


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