Thursday, 17 May 2012

She Dreamed A Dream

It was in 2009 that an unemployed 47-year-old woman from a village in Scotland walked on to a stage because she had a dream – a dream to become a professional singer.

Her appearance was unimpressive and when asked why she had not already succeeded, she said that it was because nobody had given her a chance. 

 As she told her story it was evident that many people in that theatre had already pre-judged her to be a failure.  However, within seconds of beginning her performance she had the judges and the audience spellbound. 
Even if you have seen her before, do watch her again – more than 47 million people worldwide have already done so.  She provides clear proof that we all have it within ourselves to succeed in pursuit of our dreams.

But we can’t simply wait around for somebody to find us and give us a chance – we have to go after it proactively as Susan Boyle did.  The rest is now history.

I hope this will give you some of the same inspiration that it continues to give me. 

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