Monday, 30 April 2012

EFT Tapping and Emotional Healing

This past weekend, I was asked about EFT Tapping, so because it's not something I know a lot about I’ve done some research which led me to this following article.

Heather E A Todd, who wrote it, is a firm believer in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping and here’s what she has to say about it:

“Most people have emotional hurts from their past in one form or another. EFT Tapping can be very effective in bringing about emotional healing and the great news is healing can occur on multiple levels because of the mind-body connection. Not convinced of a mind-body connection?

“Rene Descartes saw the body as a "bag of bits" and nothing more than a machine. Medicine adopted his philosophy for decades looking at the body like a machine, made up of individual parts and therefore when one part breaks fix that part and everything else should be okay. We now know though that everything is interconnected which is why in alternative healing a holistic approach is adopted. For true healing to occur you must look at the body as a whole.

“For instance, you may have felt terrible guilt because of a traumatic car accident that caused the death of a passenger and you were the driver. EFT Tapping could be used to resolve the guilt and suddenly you find your psoriasis clears up and your migraines cease to exist and emotional healing takes place. No one could prove that they were connected yet this sort of scenario happens all too frequently.

“Or take the experience of a person who had terrible aches and pains throughout her body on a daily basis. She had no idea this could in any way be related to the death of her father two years earlier yet tap on the grief, sadness, regret, and frustration that were experienced due to her father's death and the aches and pains cease to exist. In this scenario the opposite could also have been possible; had we tapped on the physical aches and pains the issues surrounding her father's death could have just as easily disappeared. EFT Tapping can successfully be used to tap on physical as well as emotional issueswhether they have recently been experienced or are issues that happened decades ago.

“So if you're feeling broken or incomplete know that it is possible to feel whole again. When you feel whole and complete you feel like you're running on all cylinders, you stop feeling chained to the past, you choose to take care of yourself because you understand you're unique and special, you experience joy, happiness, and you radiate love to all those around you. A worthwhile goal don't you think? Emotional healing is your birthright and you deserve it”.
If you’d like to see how Tapping is done, have a look at this short video:

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